What if……?

You can create quick and accurate self-service "intercompany agreement" that is guaranteed to meet the legal risk and compliance requirements of CFOs, Tax Directors, Transfer Pricing Directors, and General Counsel in all of these situations, when you are responsible for…..

  • preparation and/or update of annual transfer pricing documentation for international transactions.
  • assistance with the IRS or global audit defense and information requests.
  • review of royalty calculation and analysis of intellectual property ownership and fee structure.
  • development and participation in international tax planning projects.
  • review and support of US international income tax compliance and controversies.

Now you can

IntercompanyAgreement.com™ is the leading publisher of do-it-yourself intercompany agreements and transfer pricing templates — based on over 15 years of transfer pricing experience. IntercompanyAgreement.com™ provides products and services that:

  • Allow you to easily create legally binding intercompany agreements - using our innovative online questionnaire, you just answer a few questions in plain language to create comprehensive intercompany agreements ready for transfer pricing needs.
  • Allow you to maintain consistency in multinational transfer pricing policies - the best solution is to have intercompany agreement that is actually consistent with the benchmarking result of your transfer pricing documentation, before you are advised of a tax audit.
  • Are high-quality and completely customizable – IntercompanyAgreement.com™'s intercompany agreements have been developed by our experienced team of in-house lawyers and transfer pricing professionals and can be easily customized for your specific needs.
  • Save you time - don't bear the cost of visiting a lawyer/transfer pricing consultant in order to fill out a document for you. You can create them yourself "24 hours a day" from your own computer.
  • Save you money - the best part is we provide all of this without the expensive legal or consulting fees.
  • Are monitored and updated - All of our documents are monitored and revised for accuracy and legal validity, to ensure compliance with US and non-US transfer pricing rules and documentation requirements.
  • Are private, safe and secure - All of your personal and payment information is kept safe and secure. You have secure access to completed document stored for you in our archives.

Our mission is to "provide top quality intercompany agreement resources that save you time and money". Thank you for using our services.

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